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July 1, 2022

Dear Resource Partners/Peace Church Members, Associates and Partners:

I am very pleased to announce that Eric Himes has been named as Chief Operating Officer for Resource Partners.

Eric joined Resource Partners in 2020 as Sr. VP of Insurance Operations bringing over 25 years of successful insurance industry experience having held various management and leadership positions throughout his career, most recently with Travelers.

During his tenure at Resource Partners Eric has provided exemplary leadership to the Peace Church Health Insurance Program (PCHIP) and the Peace Church Workers Safety Program (PCWSP).  He establishes for Resource Partners and the Peace Church programs excellent relationships with our valuable business partners, all contributing to the success of these programs. In addition, Eric has played a critical role in directing key operational initiatives for Resource Partners over the last two years to help enhance services to our members in the areas of information technology, communications services and cyber security strategies.

Eric is committed to the vision and values that have guided the mission and culture of Resource Partners throughout its history and is dedicated to helping develop future opportunities for innovation and collaboration to help our members achieve continued success.

Resource Partners is very pleased and honored to have Eric serving as its Chief Operating Officer. Please join us all in congratulating Eric.


Philip B. Leaman