Who We Serve

The Church of the Brethren, the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), and the Mennonite denominations have different roots, theologies, and traditions, yet share many common core values. They have come to be known, collectively as Three Historic Peace Churches. While their histories are different, there has long been communication and cooperation among them.

Our origin is among Mennonite, Friends and Brethren health and human service providers. However, members recognize that organizations from other faith traditions share the core values of these faith traditions and welcome organizations sharing a commitment to these principles in fulfilling their own missions and that of this program. Programs articulate the shared values to help continue the focus of current members, and to serve as a decision point for new members desiring to participate.

The common core values of our faith traditions lead us to a shared value set for our work:

  • Community – With shared values and a commitment to quality, we can together better manage our practice of risk management. We support and respect each other in our work and find there is strength and knowledge in pursuing this work together. Membership is seen as a commitment which recognizes the value, over time, of mutual aid and support to our fellow members.
  • Stewardship – Our common commitments to stewardship – of missions, resources, both human and financial, and all our gifts – lead us to a strong sense of responsibility for the trust bestowed in us by participating organizations and the need for careful and considered decisions and actions.
  • Peace – Our shared commitment to peace and non-violence is the historical thread which runs through our traditions. This belief guides us to conduct our business and interactions with respect and tolerance.
  • Ethics and Integrity – We are called to operate from a core of respectfulness, fairness, justice, and simplicity. We conduct our work in an honest and forthright manner, treating each other and those with whom we interact with honor and respect.
  • Equality – We believe that there is that of the Divine in each of us and seek to honor the intrinsic value of all. This leads us to appreciate the diversity among us and focus on where we are alike, rather than how we are different.