Clients & Reviews

“Joining PCHIP was a significant and strategic decision for our management team with complete support from our Board of Directors. This decision has proven to be a turning point in promoting optimal wellness for our staff and families in a way we could not have achieved on our own. It has been an exciting time with steep learning curve coached by our excellent partners.”

Barbara Thomas – Kendal at Oberlin

“We’ve appreciated the ability to use the aggregate internal data from our plan to tailor coverages to meet the needs of our plan participants. We’ve made some adjustments to benefits for diabetic meds and weight loss to help lower the total risk in our group and lower future cost. The Patient Care feature in the program has been very helpful. The nurse navigators work with our insured employees to help them make the best decisions as consumers of medical services. In addition to helping to find high quality, lower cost alternatives for services, they help employees navigate complex cases and provide information about treatment alternatives and best practices in the medical field. This is a huge benefit to both the employer and the employee.”

Lowell Peachey – Mennonite Friendship Communities

“We are most satisfied with our decision to become a members of PCHIP! While we had previously managed our employee health insurance needs via our own self-insured product, the added stability of joining this group gave us a greater feeling of security pertaining to managing our premium costs and the facility’s own cost of managing the program. Added to that the well-being of group-ownership of a group of like-minded organizations, you simply cannot beat the opportunity that is provided for oversight, management and governance by the member organizations. All members are greatly concerned about the same things; those being efficient management, cost containment and quality delivery of services. By actually participating as a member-owned organization, this concern becomes nonexistent. We look forward to many years of participation with this great product option.”

Rod Mason – Swiss Village