Peace Church Sponsored Captive

Second edition – July 2022

PCSC Welcome

After two years of pandemic required video conferencing, committee members from PCRRG and PCHIP were excited to gather for their annual Board Meeting in Burlington, VT during the first week of May. The meetings presented an opportunity to reconnect, share stories of resilience and collaborate on program initiatives.

During this time, the boards of the Peace Church Sponsored Captive and Resource Partners met to conduct a joint strategic planning session. As the long term strategy of both the Sponsored Captive and Resource Partners are often closely aligned, the meeting allowed the boards to recognize key initiatives for focus over the next year. A task force has been assembled to develop a long term strategy for each item with a goal to improve member services, expand membership and improve economies of scale to all captive members. We look forward to sharing additional information about these initiatives in future updates.

PCWSP – How the Team Drives Change

The Peace Church Workers Safety Program (PCWSP) was formed in 2015 to address the deficiencies Members experienced in obtaining Workers Compensation from standard markets. An exceptional benefit of participation comes from working with a dedicated team of Risk Control Advisors and Claims Advocates that focus on non-profit senior living and vocational service providers and are well versed in exposures and challenges unique to these communities. The PCWSP team partners with Members to establish unique plans while continuing to operate within established successful Program requirements. This involvement in the day-to-day process reduces the stress that often comes with managing a Workers Compensation program on their own.

Since the program started in 2015, we’ve documented many success stories that impact employee and resident safety while financially helping each member mitigate unneeded claim expenses. A recent claim success story saved a Member over $25,000 on what could have been a large, litigated claim.

“Injured worker alleged lung issues due to potential mold exposure. The case went to hearing based on mold tests indicating the mold was present however the levels were not a concern. Unfortunately, the judge sided with the injured worker. Travelers defense counsel along with the PCWSP Claims Advocate worked closing with the Member on their strategy. We avoided the appeals process as Travelers’s attorney discovered a hole in claimant attorney’s strategy and the claim was able to be settled for significantly less than the costs of continued litigation and likely settlement. Travelers was also able to avoid additional independent medical exam costs, which saved around $4,000 on the claim. By having such attentive counsel on the claim after settlement we saw a total cost savings of approximately $25,000”

Through collaboration with the Risk Management Committee and Risk Control Advisor, the program has adopted “6 Best Practices” which are implemented as guidelines for Members to help meet the program requirements. Onsite safety services focused on industry trends and individual Member trends, successfully benefit the overall program. During the pandemic, the PCWSP Team provided all Members with constant resources from fit testing, to written respirator program, to ongoing OSHA guidance.

The following success story comes from a member community with 400+ employees

“In 2016 a Member joined the program who was struggling with indemnity claims and their Return-To-Work Program. We educated the Member management team on how to implement a controlled work comp RTW program. Changing the written RTW process, updating the doctors utilized, increasing knowledge of disciplinary when on restrictions, employer controlled and not employee-controlled process, we minimized the Members indemnity focus from 8-16 cases a year to 2 or less a year.”

To learn more about this or other benefits of participation in the Worker Safety Program, please contact Eric Himes,, or Phil Leaman .

PCHIP Membership Update

On June 1st 2022, PCHIP welcomed the addition of a new community bringing the membership count to 16. Peaceful Living, located in Harleysville, PA, provides services to individuals with intellectual and development disabilities. Through companionship, holistic care and encouragement in sharing their unique gifts, Peaceful Living helps to open doors for these individuals so that they may thrive in their communities. Mike Czekner, CFO and COO, will be their representative on the Subscribers Advisory Committee. Please join us in welcoming Peaceful Living to PCHIP!