PCSC Welcome

Welcome to the first edition of the Peace Church Sponsored Captive newsletter.  As interest in self-insured plans continue to grow, we believe it’s important to provide information on legislative updates and industry trends and how they may impact PCSC.  We will also focus on news and features that make PCSC special and a valuable asset of your risk management and financial planning tool-kit.  We believe this will assist with recruitment of new members and position PCSC for growth in the Captive marketplace. 

This first edition will highlight some of the successes shared by captive members during 2021, a year of which many members would agree was one of the most challenging in recent memory.  Future editions will highlight plan offerings, membership updates and a vendor spotlight.

Like many of you, we are anxious to once again attend and organize in-person events.  The Annual Meeting of the Subscriber Advisory Committees of PCRRG and PCHIP is scheduled for the first week of May and we are hoping to meet in Vermont.  In the next few days, we will be seeking your input on this event so be sure to check your in-box for our survey. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Editor, Eric Himes, at .