The Peace Church Risk Retention Group operates with a mission to provide the highest quality and stable source of liability insurance and risk management services to its subscribers. Over the past 18 years PCRRG has generated gross written premiums of $65M, paid out $19.2M in dividends and allocated $13.3M to Subscriber Saving Accounts. For the year ending 12/31/2021 the preliminary estimate for income of the captive is $868,000.

A key purpose and guiding principle of the PCRRG is the stabilization of rates over time. As presented in the graph below, once the group established a basis for rate adequacy the rates moved only moderately year over year. The rates for the 2022 policy term are the same as the rates for 2021. This stability allows members to better budget their liability insurance costs.

The current COVID pandemic has presented many challenges to our senior living communities, but we have been able to maintain coverage for COVID. Currently there are no COVID claims presented against the PCRRG, but 2022 will be a key year in understanding the true exposure as it relates to COVID incidents. Plaintiff attorneys continue to file amended complaints in their attempt to circumvent immunity statutes. As of this time, there have been no decisions setting precedence.  The pace of legal actions my increase as we near statute of limitation deadlines for filing actions related to COVID for the year 2020.

In 2021 PCRRG welcomed two new members, Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio located in Bluffton, Ohio and The Admiral at the Lake in Chicago Illinois. The newest member, OrrVilla, Inc. located in Wooster, Ohio joined the captive in February, 2022.  We are always looking to grow the membership by adding new communities who are culturally aligned and willing to commit to the risk management strategies adhered to by the group.