Volunteer Accident Policy

Volunteers play a vital role in the success of many nonprofit organizations. The Volunteer Accident Policy (VAP) allows nonprofits to support the volunteers who support them by providing them with insurance coverage for injuries sustained while in the nonprofit’s service.

Are volunteers covered under Workers’ Compensation?

State laws vary on whether volunteers may be covered under a workers’ compensation policy. Some states do not allow it, others specify that certain types of volunteers must be covered, while other states allow volunteers to be covered at the option of the employer.

Workers’ compensation coverage can be expensive, especially for nonprofits with tight budgets. The VAP policy provides nonprofits with an alternative.  VAP provides accident coverage for volunteers, and protects the nonprofit from potential litigation should the volunteer have no primary medical insurance and be injured while in the nonprofit’s care.

What is covered under an Accident policy?

> Hospital Bills, including Room & Board

> Emergency room & outpatient treatment

> Medical or surgical treatment by a licensed doctor

> Prescription drugs & medicine

> Services of a licensed nurse

> Dental care

> Ambulance expenses from covered accident site to the hospital

> Plans include Accidental Death, Dismemberment & Paralysis benefits

Benefits are payable for injuries directly and independently from a covered accident up to the maximum benefits stated, while coverage is in effect, in excess of amount paid by any other Health Care Plan

This is just a brief outline of all the threats that you could face as a nonprofit organization. Resource Partners is here to help guide you with all your risk management questions and insurance solutions.