Advantage Cyber Program

Resource Partners has partnered with one of the leading brokers in the country to offer a best-in-class, easy to obtain cyber policy tailored to the needs of your Non-profit organization.  The Advantage Cyber Program features a broad basket of coverages and includes private data and communications in many formats, whether they be paper, digital or otherwise.  Even better, this new partnership allows Resource Partners to quote, bind and issue your policy quickly, normally in less time than it takes to complete other broker’s applications.

Cyber security remains a significant threat to US business and increasing reliance on technology solutions to improve productivity and keep people connected leaves many organizations vulnerable to cyber criminals.  Non-profit organizations often host very sensitive data including donor financial info or resident health records.  Many of these same organizations invest less than $500 per year in cyber security products making them particularly attractive to cyber-attack. 

Highlights of the program include:

  • $1M limit of liability with higher limits available upon request
  • Includes options for Dependent Business Interruption, System Failure, Reputational Harm and Ransomware
  • $100K limit of liability for Cyber Crimes (Funds Transfer Fraud, Social Engineering, Reverse Social Engineering)
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training is included with every policy

Brian Thompson can assist you with a cyber business check-up today.  You can reach Brian at or 717-293-7840. The benefit of a cyber policy in helping your organization respond to, and recover from, an attack or data breach could prove to be invaluable.