PCRRG Mentorship Program

One of the greatest strengths of the Peace Church Risk Retention Group (PCRRG) is the active participation of CEO’s and Risk Management professionals with Committees or Boards that guide in the direction of the Captive.   Because members are owners and policyholders of the company and share common interests, commitments and incentives, these leaders work together to provide the safest environments and practices for residents and employees alike.  This approach not only benefits their individual community but the captive program as a whole.

Like many industry groups, Covid-19 has accelerated the rates of staff turnover at many aging services organizations.  The loss of a leader’s institutional knowledge, which can often span decades and be comprised of unique perspectives, is a loss to the entire PCRRG community.  New leaders may not fully understand that membership in PCRRG represents a strategic opportunity not available in the traditional annual buying decision.  PCRRG is committed to providing leaders with resources to help guide them through the process of starting in their new role within the community.   These resources take a number of forms.

A Mentorship Program will shepherd new CEO’s in their roles and responsibilities of belonging to PCRRG.  The mentors are CEO’s of other member communities and assist in establishing relationships with other member communities.  The program includes quarterly check-in meetings, assistance assimilating meeting materials and introductions to other community leaders.

The Group has also developed a “Welcome Packet” containing organizational charts, checklists, insurance overviews, contact sheets and an outline of educational courses available to each member.  It also includes detailed information on the Prescriptives Platform, a mutually agreed upon organization-wide system that makes risk management a priority.  Welcome packets are customized to reflect the unique roles and responsibilities of the CEO or Risk Manager.    

To learn more about the Peace Church Risk Retention Group or the mentorship program, please contact Phil Leaman at