Directors and Officers Insurance Webinar – March 24th

Social inflation describes accelerating insurance losses related to the growing emergence of higher jury awards brought on by new tort and negligence concepts.  This phenomenon is particularly prevalent for companies operating in the healthcare sector but has wide ranging impact on legal awards across many segments of the economy including nonprofit boards.  A nonprofit board that fails to adequately protect their organizations with a D&O insurance policy may find that the cost of just one of these claims is far larger than any insurance claim they may have paid.  A recent study showed that the average claim against a nonprofit directors and officers costs around $35,000 to settle and it is not uncommon to see these awards exceed $100,000.

On March 24th at 1PM ET, Resource Partners will host a webinar with Jim Miller from Apogee Insurance Group that will outline the rapid changes occurring within this market and highlight the benefits of securing a D&O policy for your nonprofit. 

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This is the next offering in our quarterly webinar series providing clients with the latest insight into those areas impacting operations now. 

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