Peace Church Risk Retention Group (PCRRG)

PCRRG is a member owned provider of general and professional liability insurance for Peace Church (Brethren, Mennonite and Quaker) aging services organizations.

Formed in 2004, PCRRG now has 47 member-owner organizations in 19 states.As a result of careful governance and management and the support of highly effective risk management strategies, PCRRG members have received rate reductions in 9 out of 11 renewal years and more than $14 million in returned premiums over the life of the program.

  • The members elect a governing board, establish standing work/advisory committees in four critical management areas, and engage qualified professionals to provide the management and day to day functions needed to operate a quality insurance company.
  • PCRRG provides “Claims Made” coverage for general and professional liability, with coverage enhancements often exceeding their prior policy.
  • Aggressive risk management is central to the company’s success. Every policyholder commits to take on a major risk management responsibility, and PCRRG has engaged ECRI Institute, a national risk management consulting firm, to support members in achieving risk management goals.
  • Financial stability is managed through the one time capital contribution of each entering member and through the purchase of re-insurance to limit the ultimate financial risk to PCRRG and its members.
  • The result is:
    • Control of access to quality liability coverage
    • Stable/declining costs
    • A culture of effective risk management
    • Relationships of mutual aid and mutual accountability for the long-term
    • Administration of the program and treatment of individuals consistent with the values of the participating organizations
  • Resource Partners, Lancaster PA, provides the executive underwriting and overall management function in support of the governing body PCRRG is available to prospective new members based on the following criteria:
  1. 1. Each must be an aging services member of the Fellowship of Brethren Homes, Friends Services for the Aging or MHS.
  2. 2. Each must have a five year organizational history, unless related to another PCRRG member.
  3. 3. Each must contribute to the company’s capitalization.
  4. 4. Each must commit itself to the risk management philosophy and policies of PCRRG.

For more information on PCRRG contact Phil Leaman at (717) 293-7840 x2 or