Peace Church Health Insurance Program (PCHIP)

PCHIP is a member owned employee medical benefits program formed by several Peace Church organizations.

Developed and owned by Peace Church organizations to provide an employee medical benefits program superior to their previous health insurance programs.

PCHIP launched in 2013 and is already producing financial return on premiums paid in and positive human returns with growing engagement in wellness and health risk management initiatives.

  • The program achieves the desired outcomes through a combination of features:
  • Members own and govern the program to meet their needs and exercise their values.
  • Each member selects its own plan design(s) and self-insures a pre-determined, limited amount of claims risk.
  • The members join together to share a first, limited layer of reinsurance risk (and potential good performance savings).
  • The entire program is reinsured above the level the members share together.
  • The board and management of PCHIP constantly monitor claims and service partner performance to assure a high quality, cost efficient program.
  • PCHIP members optimize the program's value through active wellness and health risk management, sharing learning, educational settings, board and committee participation.

PCHIP is available to Peace Church organizations ready to participate in active health risk management, and having 50 or more employees active in their current health insurance program.

Contact Russ ShanerFor more information on PCHIP contact Russ Shaner at (717) 293-7840 Ext. 1 or email at